About Eastons

Eastons are a family haulage and farming firm with strong links to the agricultural and food industries. Our aim is to meet our customers’ requirements with cost effective solutions that do not compromise service.

Our haulage divisions operate under the names of G. Easton & Son Ltd and Bulk Food Transport Ltd. Our farm trades as F.H. Easton Ltd.

Eastons’ history

In the early 1920s Frank Easton would pour milk produced by our farm into 17 gallon churns and take it by horse and cart to the local railway station at Forncett in Norfolk. From there it travelled by train to Norwich. The General Strike severed the local rail link and Frank had to find an alternative means of transport for the milk. A Model ‘T’ pick up was purchased and took the daily churns direct to the Co-op dairy. Soon Frank was hauling milk for other farmers as well. In 1938 G. Easton & Son Ltd was founded. From there on the name Easton became synonymous with milk transport in the region.

Local historian Peter Day has written about our early history in an essay series for the Bunwell Heritage Group.

Employee information

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